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Preschool Activities - Easter Bonnet and Easter Placemat

Here are two more fun Easter themed activities to do with your preschooler this spring! Doing educational activities with your child helps them learn more about holidays, plus preparation makes it even more more during the waiting period leading up to "the big day!"


Making an Easter Bonnet is a fun project when getting ready for the upcoming holiday. Using many colors will make your bonnet an unusual addition to the outfit your child chooses to wear on Easter. Before helping your preschooler create her bonnet talk about how many people like to dress up in particularly pretty clothes to celebrate the holiday because Easter is special.
It is that time of year when new life begins after a cold and often dreary winter. As you decide on the spring outfit she decides to wear, talk about its colors. Also talk about all the new green buds and grasses that are beginning to grow on the bushes and ground outside. Be sure, as you make her bonnet, you point out all the spring colors she chooses for the flowers and bow on her hat. Folding, gluing cutting and stapling as her hat grows is great practice for her small fingers as they complete her work of art. Don't forget to let her admire her work as she gazes into the mirror.



A paper plate
A crepe paper roll
Artificial Flowers
Tissue paper squares of assorted colors
A mirror


1. Make tissue paper flowers by folding each square of paper in half and in half again.
2. Hold the folded squares by the corner and spread the folded edges open.
3. Glue the center of each flower onto the back of the paper plate.
4. Be sure to glue many flowers all over the back of the plate until it is covered with many different colors.
5. Add one of the artificial flowers wherever you want it - use plenty of glue or staple the flower so it will stay attached.
6. Cut two foot lengths of f the crepe paper roll to make ties.
7. Staple the ties one to each side of the plate.
8. Try the new Easter Bonnet on by tying the crepe paper streamers into a big bow under your child's chin.
9. Check it out by looking in a mirror.



When you plan first and then show your preschooler how easy it is to use crayons or markers to create a spring picture that can be an Easter placemat for her to use, you are helping her incorporate the skills of making lines and circles into a work of art. You may be surprised at your own skill as you use such simple techniques to show her how easy it is to draw the shapes on paper.
Be sure you compliment her on each part of her picture as she is drawing it. This will encourage her to do more and more on her work and may even prompt her to make additional placemats for other family members If you find this project way too challenging for your child, simplify it by drawing the outline of a very large egg shape on her paper and ask her to decorate it with as many designs and colors as she can. This makes a very simple and pretty Easter placemat to use and can be finished quickly.

Happy Easter!


Construction paper
Crayons or markers


1. Talk with your child about Easter Sunday plans that your family have made, discuss what you will be doing on that day as well as what other people may have planned.
2. As you talk about the day help your child become aware of the fact that spring weather is making changes in the world around her - list some of the beautiful things that have happened outside ie: green grass, tree buds, new flowers, singing birds, butterflies, new life beginning such as baby rabbits, kittens, chicks, etc.
3. Encourage your child to use her crayons or markers to create spring picture which could include many of those things you talked about.
4. On a plain piece of paper show her how easy it is to draw flowers and grass using green to make grass with stems (straight or curvy lines) growing up out of it - place various shaped leaves on the sides of the stems and an assortment of pretty colored shapes for blossoms on top of the stems.
5. If you want to draw a bunny shape and some decorated Easter eggs in the grass, and birds or butterflies above the grass you will give your child lots of pictorial ideas to copy as she creates her own picture - be sure you talk about how easy each thing you draw is as you are doing it while she watches.
6. When your child has finished her own spring picture exclaim over her accomplishment and tell her that now she can use it for an Easter Placemat.


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